Training Curriculum


E-Content will be used in all the sessions in rural areas to create awareness on Legal Literacy. The VLEs will use the content to train rural adults on of Rights and Laws.

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During the sessions handbooks will be circulated to all the participants from each household who attend the training sessions. The Handbook will be a critical tool for the beneficiaries, acting as a ready reference to understand the subject more clearly.

Download Handbook (NE)

Download Handbook (J&K)


The banners will be displayed in the venues throughout the training session so that more and more people could come forward to undertake the training.

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Mobile Application

A mobile application is made available for the VLEs, which will be used for registration of the selected citizens for the program.

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VLE Manual

Manual will be a reference material which will help the VLEs to understand the process flow of registration.

Download VLE user manual -Portal

Download VLE user manual - Mobile App

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)